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Didsbury’s Reliable Vendor & Safety Expert on Propane Tanks

Cylinder and Tank Sales

Feeg's Propane Ltd offers sales and rentals of propane tanks in Didsbury, Olds, and surrounding areas of southern and central Alberta to homeowners, businesses, and other customers who require a common cylinder with a capacity of 20 to 100 lbs, as well as those who require a larger bulk tank. Besides business uses, perhaps your patio heater uses propane, your outdoor BBQ runs on it, and your garage or shop requires it to stay warm. Feeg's Propane can help with all those purposes! We offer both new and reconditioned tanks that have been checked and certified as safe to use.

Propane Tank Certifications

To help keep the propane burning safely, we offer tank certifications (or re-certifications). Most tanks with a capacity of less than 100 lbs, as well as many large bulk tanks are required to be certified every 10 years. Call our experts and get your tank inspected so you know it is safe to operate.


Avoid accidents and get your tank recertified

RV-ing without propane is not fun!

Keep the farm running smoothly

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