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Your Rural Home Heating Experts since 1952

Didsbury’s Home Heating Propane Experts

Since 1952, Feeg’s propane has been a reliable supplier of propane for residential needs. We are known as being the courteous, prompt, and well-priced supplier of propane for home heating in Didsbury and surrounding areas of Alberta and we encourage you to consider propane as a safe and reliable way to reduce your electrical consumption and spending. Many of our customers are adopting propane appliances, such as fireplaces, water heaters, cooking appliances, and clothes dryers. 

For all these home and acreage uses, we can provide and fill the large 500 U.S. gallon tanks because they provide a large supply for many homes and acreages.

Ask us for information on these propane applications and how we can deliver the propane you need for them.

pig tank

Get your RV tank refilled today

Fill your oilfield and commercial propane needs

Ensure Your Tank is Safe

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